Ratios and Proportional Relationships - Students will be able to analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems.

Below you will find the Smartboard presentations from class.  To view these files, you will need to use  http://express.smarttech.com/#
Directions to viewing presentations.  
1. Download the file
2. Open Smartboard Express in you Internet browser
3. Open the downloaded file using Smartboard express

Arc-1 Flowers.notebook Arc-1 Flowers.notebook
Size : 24.285 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-1 Gears.notebook Arc-1 Gears.notebook
Size : 184.574 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-2  Light Bulbs & Trading Cards.notebook Arc-2 Light Bulbs & Trading Cards.notebook
Size : 258.75 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-2  Moon Weight.notebook Arc-2 Moon Weight.notebook
Size : 259.636 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-3  Melinda & Akira's Walk.notebook Arc-3 Melinda & Akira's Walk.notebook
Size : 281.327 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-3  Mixing Juice.notebook Arc-3 Mixing Juice.notebook
Size : 442.771 Kb
Type : notebook


Ratios & Proportions  CCLS.notebook Ratios & Proportions CCLS.notebook
Size : 175.991 Kb
Type : notebook
Practice Test - Ratio, Proportions & Percents.notebook Practice Test - Ratio, Proportions & Percents.notebook
Size : 158.309 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-1 Bedroom.notebook Arc-1 Bedroom.notebook
Size : 304.282 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-1 Bicycle Shop.notebook Arc-1 Bicycle Shop.notebook
Size : 883.225 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-2  Ounces of Coffee.notebook Arc-2 Ounces of Coffee.notebook
Size : 259.18 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-2 Investing Money.notebook Arc-2 Investing Money.notebook
Size : 261.216 Kb
Type : notebook
Arc-3 Taking a Shower.notebook Arc-3 Taking a Shower.notebook
Size : 273.713 Kb
Type : notebook
Benchmark Assessment.notebook Benchmark Assessment.notebook
Size : 222.315 Kb
Type : notebook

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